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Do you ever notice how the warranty that comes with your shiny new car has all kinds of conditions? To maintain the warranty, you must do all the scheduled maintenance required by the car maker. If you want to earn points on your credit card, you must follow the rules of the credit card company, which are open to change at any moment. Even our relationships have conditions on them. If we make certain decisions, take certain actions, or maintain certain beliefs, the person we love may end the relationship. So in a world where there are strings attached to so many things, it is hard for me sometimes to wrap my head around the unconditional love of God. It is difficult to imagine the grace of God that allows me to be so human and so loved at the same time. In my dark moments, my a-ha! on top of a mountain moments, and my mundane everyday moments, God is loving me. So what do I do with this grace that I receive based on nothing other than my existence? I try to pass it on to the people I interact with every day. When a child is screaming on a plane, I don’t look at the parents with annoyance, but with compassion. I try to distract the child with funny faces and strange sounds. The grumpy waitress, the irritable nurse, the person who cuts me off on the toll way… I try to look at everyone as a child of God and offer them the grace I have so lovingly been offered by God. I don’t do it perfectly, because then I wouldn’t need grace and I DO.

The questions is…Who will you offer grace to today?