What A Blessing – Jack Emerich

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

After asking several times about what if anything OSLC might do on behalf of our fire victims, Mary Ann Ewing and her daughter Evelyn, Pastor Erik said, “run with it!” So DeAnne and I went to work. She created a poster with the needs Mary Ann supplied to her, then we went to work. The choir was apprised of the needs and shown the list. They took many of the slips off the poster to gather for her. Within days we were receiving items for her new place of living. Then, the congregation as a whole was aware of the need and more things were brought in for her. Almost everything was donated to her. The one remaining item is an exercise bike. Her daughter, with cerebral palsy, and Mary Ann with her replaced knee are to be exercising in this gentle way. This is still a need.

And most recently, several of us were asking for monetary donations for her so she could replace her van that had conked out. On the 18th of December I was alerted to the need for $300 to cover expenses of her grant to replace the van. The money was needed by December 22nd. With a friend she had found a car in Janesville, hence the emergency and need for funds. I talked with her and said that I would see  what I could do. I had permission to talk to people individually for donations. Again, I began with the choir. They responded generously. Then it was speaking with people on Sunday morning. The response was overwhelming. God has created a caring community at OSLC. By the time I left after the first service I had met Mary Ann’s goal plus a bit of surplus.

She shed tears of joy when I brought it to her Sunday afternoon (after the Packer victory). The support and generosity of the faith community accomplished this goal. I was pleased to “have run with it!”


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