Finding My Voice – Julie Barthels

Posted: June 14, 2013 in Uncategorized


“If people don’t know I’m Christian by my actions, then I am doing something wrong”, I told my daughter, Brie during a conversation this week about what it means to be a Christian.  “How will they know?  she replied.  “People other than Christians are kind, caring, and respectful to other people.  How will they know it is because you are a Christian?” This had me stuck.  I often am quiet about the fact that I am a Christian and this had been a painful, internal struggle for years.  What keeps me quiet in my faith?  The fact that those who are loud about their faith, especially in the public media, do not represent what I believe it means to me to be a Christian.  They often share messages of judgment, righteous anger, and excluding other people.  This is contrary to how I see faith and this is especially strong after the recent sermons by our pastors about not judging others and offering forgiveness to those that have hurt us.  But my quietness about my faith denies people an opportunity to see God through those that see him differently.  If I am still in my faith, how can I show others about a God that loves us, that shows us grace, and that wants a relationship with us no matter where we are? I’m trying to give voice to my faith.  It is uncomfortable, like I’m wearing clothes after a pizza and ice cream binge.  Everything feels confining.  But I’m beginning to realize that I honor my own faith and my relationship with God when I put my faith into words, not just into action.

So the question I often ponder and offer to you is what are some ways for you to give voice to your faith?


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